Where to Listen to Podcasts: The Best Podcast Player Apps

Podcasting has now become most people’s favorite form of media. There are so many apps you can use to listen to podcasts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Apple Podcast App. The Apple Podcast app is a default app to use on the iPhone and iPad. It does not support downloads, but you can save your podcasts in iCloud. Also, it provides a rich interface with all the controls you need to start listening to a podcast.

SoundCloud. The SoundCloud app lets you upload and stream your audio files to the platform. All you have to do is click on the Music tab in the upper right and search for the podcast you’re interested in. Once you find the audio file, tap on it to start playing. In addition, the SoundCloud app also has a podcast section that lists all the top podcasts from your preferred category. There are also play buttons that let you start, pause, skip a podcast at any point.

Headlining: Here is an app for all Android users to get their podcasts on the go. The app also has a built-in music player for you to take a quick listen to any podcast or music album.

Easy Listening. Easy Listening is an excellent podcast player that allows you to listen to the best podcasts, and find more of your favorites. Easy Listening has great searching features, so it’s able to find the podcasts you need. And there’s an excellent selection of shows here, too.


Podcasting is definitely one of the most fascinating forms of entertainment. It is a technology that is used to capture ideas, express thoughts, and conveying information to your listeners. These podcasts are more fun and interesting as the new medium.

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